Two Paintings from Manhattan


Brush Painting                                          Knife Painting

Recently I traveled to Manhattan to take photos to paint from.  Okay, I went there to look at art, people watch, and eat great food, too!  I adore that Manhattan as much as Paris.  And I got quite a few great shots that have me excited to paint!  The first one I painted I decided to do a little different. Normally a city scene like this I would do with a knife but I decided to do this one with a brush.  After finishing it, I decided to do a similar version with a knife and just compare them.  So here they are... the first one is finished, the second one with a knife is not complete yet.  I am finding the comments at my studio/gallery interesting.  So far the knife painting is winning the vote, which is great since that's what I most love to do is create lots of texture with the knife.